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Bai Xian Asia Institute - Summer Programme 2023 - Tokyo - Video Documentary

Video documentary work for Bai Xian Asia Institute - recapping their 2023 summer programmer in Tokyo, Japan. Created by Derry Ainsworth and Harry Salter. August 4 - 18 2023.

Client: Bai Xian Asia Institute Project Aims and Overview: With this video campaign the aim was to capture and document the experiences and moments of 80 scholars attending the summer programme. The programme included excursions, lectures and workshops that focussed on academic and leadership skills. Utilising a two man video team, I worked with videographer Harry Salter, to cover the large range of activities across the programme, over the 2 week shoot period. Our aim was to create a more dynamic and engaging video by using a range of equipment and techniques. We used a mixture of slow motion cinematic shots, timelapses, gimble motion shots, aerial and sound design to achieve our final result. The overall aim of the video is to showcase the empowering community and experiences available from BXAI. By spending time getting to know the students and sharing experiences with them, we were able to truly document their fun and memorable trip together. About the project:

The Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI) Summer Program (SP) 2023 took place in Tokyo in partnership with Waseda University from August 4 to 18. It was the first SP to be hosted in person since 2019. A key component of the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program, the annual SP is held every August and gathers current Bai Xian (BX) Scholars on one university campus for a fun and enriching experience designed to broaden perspectives, foster community, and extend learning beyond the classroom. Due to travel restrictions and health concerns as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the SP had been held virtually over the past three years. This summer, 68 BX Scholars and Alumni from BXAI’s Partner Universities across East Asia gathered together to explore the theme “Transformation of Globalization,” examining how globalization has shifted and evolved over the past few years against a backdrop of an ever-changing global landscape. Through a series of panel discussions, personal development workshops, excursions, and community-building activities, participants had valuable opportunities to hear from leaders and experts from various fields, dive into important topics, form new friendships, and experience the rich culture and heritage of Japan. On July 21, a pre-program orientation session was held online to offer participants a preview of the upcoming SP and a chance to begin building connections with one another ahead of their arrival in Tokyo. The program officially kicked off on August 4 with an opening session that featured welcome remarks by Prof. Aiji Tanaka, President of Waseda University; Prof. Katsuichi Uchida, President of BXAI; and Ms. Ronna Chao, CEO of BXAI; who introduced this year’s theme and encouraged scholars to stay open-minded and curious throughout the two-week program. The first day also included a panel discussion on East Asia, with guest speakers delving into a variety of issues impacting East Asia, such as societal aging and finding balance between a “we” and “me” society. This was followed by a unique team building activity in the form of a chanbara battle that tested participants’ teamwork skills, resilience, and determination while facilitating the forming of new friendships. Participants then spent three days in Nikko, a scenic city located north of Tokyo, where they enjoyed a taste of Japan’s history, culture, and natural beauty through visits to iconic sites such as the Toshogu Shrine and Kegon Falls, Edo Wonderland, and the bamboo forest at Wakayama Farm.

Campaign Deliverables: 1 x Main 5-6 minute full documentary video edit 1 x 4-5 minute on site edit for showing at the Final Ceremony Presentation 1 x Short teaser reel for social media to showcase the weekend of excursions 15-20 x interview videos of scholars, alumni and key speakers Gallery:

Reel Video - excursion highlights:

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