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Key visual digital artwork design for the 'Realising Your Imagination' competition by Henderson Land

Key visual design by Derry Ainsworth for Henderson Land's 'Realising your Imagination' creative competition. Including website banner design, poster and animated videos for social media marketing.

This digital collage piece incorporates a wide range of architectural and art elements into the composition. Using images of some of Henderson Land's key projects as the focus, the piece celebrates the idea of 'realising your imagination.' Campaign Website:

Campaign details: Organised by Henderson Land, the Realising Your Imagination competition – split into Public and Student groups – welcomes all to unleash their imagination through creating multimedia digital artworks depicting their ideal community. Works in all digital mediums are welcomed: a silhouette of your dream city, an ultra-realistic digital design, or even a heart-warming short film. Participants can take inspiration from the group's projects and development, their surrounding neighbourhoods, as well as cultures, art, cityscapes, and their everyday lives; works in all digital mediums are welcomed. Campaign Deliverables: 2 x Main campaign key visual. 4 x Short vertical animations for social media.

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