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HKTB - 'West Kowloon Through the Lens of Derry Ainsworth

Original wording and article written by Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Photography assignment for CP Collectives and the Hong Kong Tourism Board. The article ,which was published by Hong Kong Tourism Board, talks about all of the highlight features of West Kowloon and all of the great things to do in the area.

Full article here

Hong Kong is a city where streets full of history and culture, blend seemlessly with striking modern architecture. It was after relocating to Hong Kong from the UK in 2014 that British visual artist and photographer Derry Ainsworth turned his passion for photography into his career, using the city as his canvas.

"Hong Kong has always inspired me to take photographs due to its unique beauty." Derry says "Each district tells its own story and I like capturing their varied characteristics on camera. My work follows an architectural theme that celebrates the design of a space with the way people interact with it."

West Kowloon, a neighbourhood which encompasses the West Kowloon Cultural District., Yau Ma Tei and Jordan, is the epitome of Hong Kong architecture, where award winning modern structures, hug the streets that are home to historic theatres and residential buildings. It is an area where modern art galleries and studios are next to generations old craft workshops.

To celebrate this up-and-coming neighbourhood, HKTB partnered with CP Collectives and Derry Ainsworth to create a photo series, capturing the beauty of West Kowloon through Derry's unique lens.

"I like that this shot shows off the curved concrete architecture at the waterfront of West Kowloon. I've used it to help frame part of the skyline view during the midday sun."

"What I love about the Xiqu Centre’s interior is its mixture of sleek modern interior design with hints of red Chinese cultural elements. The lines leading lines on the ceiling help to bring attention to a central focal point, where you can see the artwork hanging. I really appreciate the attention to detail here.”

“Hong Kong is home to amazing cityscapes. I love the way the district of Sham Shui Po looks from above. This unique dense grid of concrete can really be appreciated from this perspective."

“Hidden away on top of West Kowloon MTR station you have this very scenic roof garden. I’ve used the curves of the roof architecture to curl around the distant view of the HK skyline.”

About Derry Ainsworth

Derry Ainsworth is a Hong Kong based creative director, digital artist, photographer and architecture graduate from Bournemouth in the UK. He has now been a photographer based in Hong Kong for over 6 years and has been fortunate enough to work on a huge variety of projects with some of the biggest brands from all across the world.

Derry's imagery of Hong Kong has been featured in many magazines and publications such as Timeout, Bloomberg, Vogue, SCMP, CNN, Forbes and more.

Apart from his commercial work, Derry has always focussed on his passion for capturing Hong Kong. Derry has now held over 10 exhibitions of his creative work, including the first ever drone exhibition in Hong Kong - and has now become a well established artist. Today, Derry has combined all of these skills in his current role as creative director of Digital Art Fair Asia - where he oversees and curates the pioneer digital NFT event. Derry also participates as an NFT artist and uses his creative skills to create captivating digital art.

The West Kowloon collection of images is done in collaboration with CP Collectives

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