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COLLECTED MEMORIES 135 - HKU Med 135th anniversary artwork commission.

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Digital artwork & NFT commission by Derry Ainsworth for HKU Med as part of the 'Journey Along Sassoon Road' exhibition. Celebrating their achievements and history for their 135th anniversary.

About the Artwork

To celebrate 135 years of HKU Med this digital animated collage piece incorporated photos that I've taken from around campus and also photos from the HKU Med archives dating as far back as 1887. This artwork is part of a collaborative digital art exhibition curated by Artistverse. With my love for architecture and urban design it was my pleasure to reimagine the buildings at HKU Med from past and present into something new. The composition uses the angles of the buildings to draw the attention into the middle of the image, where the collage centralises over a mass of mountain. The elements in the image are arranged according to their perspectives to give an 'explosion' type feeling to the overall composition. The artwork is displayed on Zone 7 - on the main screen of the Faculty Administration Wing. The digital exhibition will run from July - Sept 2022.

About HKU Med 135 HKUMed 135 is an opportunity for them to reflect on legacy and breakthrough successes of past and present, all the while envisioning the future ahead. Founded in 1887 as the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese to serve the city’s Chinese population, the Faculty has continued to set ambitious goals since its inception. In 1912, the University of Hong Kong was formally opened, with what was by then known as the Hong Kong College of Medicine becoming its premier Faculty. The Medical Faculty expanded rapidly in its early years and has continued to evolve over the past century as it seeks to serve Hong Kong’s changing healthcare needs.

In that time, HKU Med's focus has grown from the original goal of serving the local population, to achieving a global standing for their research on areas spanning a plethora of medical specialties. As they enter their 135th year, we will be holding a series of events to celebrate the Faculty’s achievements and the exemplary leadership that drove its success.

This Digital Art Project was one of the biggest highlights of the 135th anniversary celebration. This Project not only aims to honour the illustrious history and achievements from schools and departments of the Faculty, it also pays homage to some of the greatest people who have contributed to the strong foundation of today’s HKUMed. To signify an array of accomplishments, the Project is set to showcase Digital Arts in different zones, each demonstrating HKUMed’s contribution to our community and the world.

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