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Derry Ainsworth x Tarzan Deliveroo Campaign

Social media and video reel campaign for Deliveroo Hong Kong, June 2023.

Deliveroo has launched a new brand campaign to showcase how the brand cooperates with its couriers and partners to uphold its dedication to delivering food in high quality.

Also known as “Deliverule”, the campaign has featured local actors Anthony Wong (黃秋生), Jan Lamb (林海峰), Patrick Tsang (泰山) and Michello Lo (盧覓雪), whose personalities are known for outspoken and having high standards, according to the release. For this social media push, Derry Ainsworth teamed up with local celebrity chef Tarzan to create dynamic and fun video reels that promoted some of the top performing restaurants in Hong Kong. These videos also helped to showcase some of the local neighbourhood scenery around the restaurants.

Campaign Deliverables: 3 x 45 second video reels for IG

Campaign results/ statistics: The video reel content generated a large organic engagement as seen below:

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