Browse NFT art collections by Hong Kong based digital artist Derry Ainsworth - one of the very first NFT artists in the city. Derry's NFT work is a development of his multi-disciplinary style and experience. Each collection representing concepts and styles that are personal to the artist. Derry's NFT work has gained recognition as creative director and one of the highlight artists for Digital Art Fair Asia. 

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Collected Memories by Derry Ainsworth is a series of graphic collages made up of photographs, taken from different cities, over his seven years as a photographer. The series encompasses the rich diversity of asian culture. Each image is created by extracting interesting elements from hundreds of images to make up one final intrinsic composition. Collected memories is an ongoing series.



Scenes of Asia by Derry Ainsworth is a NFT collection of unique moments and perspective captured in his time living in Asia. Each artwork aims to reflect on a particular scene or represent a unique aspect of culture. These NFT artworks were launched and displayed at Digital Art Fair Asia. Scenes of Asia is an ongoing series.



SHOPKEEPERS is a NFT collection showcasing the individual stories and characteristics of open shopfronts in Asia. Each artwork frames the unique story of one shop and all of the things happening within it. SHOPKEEPERS is an ongoing series.